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DatasetsFrequency Containment Reserve for Normal operation, activated

The values in the data have been erroneously instantaneous values. From February 21, 2024, the data are correct 15-minute averages. Hourly values can be found correctly on the European transparency platform: Activated Frequency Containment Reserve for Normal operation (FCR-N) is published one hour after the hour in question, for example the value for hour 07-08 is published at 9 o'clock. FCR-N is the frequency containment reserve used in the Nordic synchronous system that aims to keep the frequency in normal frequency range between 49,9 - 50,1 Hz. Activated FCR-N volume (MWh) is calculated on the basis of the frequency in the Nordic synchronous system and maintained Finnish FCR-N capacity. Value is activated net average power. Positive value means that the frequency has been in average below 50,0 Hz during the hour, and reserve has been activated as up-regulation. Respectively, negative value means that the frequency has been in average above 50,0 Hz, and reserve has been activated as down-regulation. The Data before 13.06.2023 is in hourly resolution.

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