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Frequently Asked Questions

This page contains answers to frequently asked questions, as well as help with some error situations.

Why is the service not offering the regional price of the day-ahead market?

Unfortunately, Fingrid cannot publish the hourly price for distribution in open data, as the price information is not owned by Fingrid. Price information can be found in ENTSO-E Transparency Platform, which is based on the European Electricity Market Transparency Regulation. Prices for European countries can be found through ENTSO-E Transparency Platform.

The service also has a REST API programming interface.

Day-ahead prices can also be browsed on Nord Pool's website.

I am interested in a particular data, could Fingrid add it to the open data service?

Please contact by email and we will evaluate the possibility of publishing the data.

Individual values or values from certain time range ​​are missing from the data

Please contact by email and we will try to fix the data as soon as possible.

API returns "{"statusCode":429,"message":"Rate limit is exceeded. Try again in 2 seconds."}

The rate-limit policy prevents API usage spikes on a per subscription basis by limiting the call rate to a specified number per a specified time period. When the call rate is exceeded, the caller receives a 429 Too Many Requests response status code. Default limit is 1 call per 2 seconds per subscription.

API returns "{"statusCode":403,"message":"Out of call volume quota. Quota will be replenished in 23:59:59."}

You have exceeded the search volume limit associated with your API key. Fingrid wants to provide an equal service to all users of open data and therefore single user is allowed to make up to 10,000 API calls per day.

I have an idea to improve the service

We are happy to receive feedback by email