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Open data on the electricity market and the power system

Fingrid Oyj is the enterprise which takes care of the functioning of the nation-wide high-voltage grid, the backbone of electricity transmission in Finland. Fingrid produces large amount of data on the electricity market and the power system and publishes it as open data for public use. This platform provides you with tools for browsing the datasets and accessing the data free of charge and in machine readable format. You are free to utilize the data according to the license and terms of use. Fingrid encourages both individual developers and organizations to experiment with the provided datasets and publish their creations either as free or commercial products.

Fingrid's open data platform was opened as a beta service in February 2017. The platform will be developed according to the user feedback: please feel free to send us feedback by email or by using the feedback form on the features and possible problems that you may encounter.

Our service promise

  • We share data openly and free of charge.
  • Data is up to date and its quality is being developed.
  • The availability of data meets modern requirements.

Datasets and interfaces

Fingrid publishes data mainly on the electricity market and the power system. Datasets include both measured and forecasted data, and many datasets are updated in near real-time.

  • Platform has powerful tools for searching and browsing the datasets.
  • You can make custom searches for data within datasets. Search results can be saved and downloaded in CSV, XML or XLS formats, that can be imported e.g. to a spreadsheet application for further processing. You can download data from multiple datasets at once, provided that the time resolution is identical (e.g. 60 min or 3 min) in all datasets.
  • You can use the search and download results without registration.
  • You can access the data in machine readable format thorough open RESTful API interface. API access requires registration.
  • Data timestamps are presented in UTC (previously GMT) time format: in Finland normal time is two hours ahead and daylight saving time three hours ahead of the UTC.
  • In order to make reuse of the data as simple as possible, all data is provided without formatting, in an open and machine readable format.

The list of available data sets can be downloaded here.

Data can be downloaded in different file formats here.

Technical instructions for developers can be found here.

License and terms of use

Fingrid's open data is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International -license (CC BY 4.0), which applies to the datasets that are produced by Fingrid. If a dataset is produced by another organization, a different license and terms of use may apply: in such case the license and terms are described together with the dataset description.

Creative Commons 4.0 Attribution license requires that you attribute the work in the manner specified by the author of the data. In practice this means that you must give appropriate credit, provide a link to the license, and indicate if changes were made when publishing your work. Fingrid requires the following for attribution:

  • The copyright notice of the material must be preserved. The copyright notice may also include the publishing date and version number of the material, publisher name and other data that is required for identification of the material.
  • Typical warranties, disclaimers and limitations of liability must be preserved. If technically possible, the material must include a hyperlink to the web site of the original material.
  • If the material has been modified, it must be accompanied with a notice describing the modification and a hyperlink to the website of the original material.
  • The material must be accompanied with an indication that the material is licensed under the Creative Commons 4.0 Attribution license and with a hyperlink to the license.

Example: using Fingrid open data on a web page or mobile application. Add the following text to your web page or to your application: Source Fingrid /, license CC 4.0 BY

Fingrid may request removal of the attribution information from your work to the extent reasonably practicable.

Fingrid wants to develop the content and quality of the open data platform. In order to provide better service, we need both feedback from the users and analytics from the usage of the platform. When users register for the API, they may provide information on the planned use. The platform uses cookies for providing the service and improving the user experience. By using the platform you approve these terms of use.

Service accessibility

The accessibility statement can be viewed here.


You can send feedback, feature requests and notifications about possible flaws by email or by using the feedback form.

We are interested in hearing what kind of services and applications are created by using Fingrid's open data, and if separately agreed upon, we can also present the creations e.g. on our website. Please contact us if you are interested in this opportunity.