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Frequently Asked Questions

This page contains answers to frequently asked questions, as well as help with some error situations.

Why is the service not offering the regional price of the day-ahead market?

Unfortunately, Fingrid cannot publish the hourly price for distribution in open data, as the price information is not owned by Fingrid. Price information can be found in ENTSO-E Transparency Platform, which is based on the European Electricity Market Transparency Regulation. The Finnish prices can be found from  --> Transmission --> Day-ahead Prices --> Finland.

The service also has an API:

Day-ahead prices can also be browsed on Nord Pool's website:

I am interested in a particular data, could Fingrid add it to the open data service?

Please contact and we will evaluate the possibility of publishing the data.

Why can't I download more than two months of data?

Unfortunately, the amount of data that can be downloaded is limited due to technical reasons. The API Gateway used in the interface allows a maximum of 10 megabytes of response to be returned. The limits are set per file format so that 10 MB size is not exceeded and are currently as follows:

• CSV/XLSX: 150 000 rows

• JSON: 99 000 rows

• XML: 74 000 rows

Individual values or values from certain time range ​​are missing from the data

Please contact and we will try to fix the data as soon as possible.

I have registered as a user but am not able to log in to the service

The login link at the top of the site is only for the service administrators. Users do not need to log in to the service.

I have registered as a user but have not received the API key

Check also the spam folder in your email. If you have not received the email containing the API key please contact

API returns "no response from server" error message

You have probably exceeded the search volume limit associated with your API key. Fingrid wants to provide an equal service to all users of open data and therefore single user is allowed to make up to 10,000 API calls per day.

I have an idea to improve the service

We are happy to receive feedback at


Is there a list available of all datasets and their IDs?

The list can be downloaded from the About page under subtitle Datasets and Interfaces