Frequency Containment Reserve for Normal operation, foreign trade

The volume of the foreign trade of frequency containment reserve for normal operation (FCR-N) capacity. Positive numbers indicate import of capacity to Finland and negative numbers indicate export of capacity from Finland. The data contains the traded capacity for Sweden, Norway, Estonia and Russia*. The data will be published 22:45 (EET) on previous evening.

FCR-N is the frequency containment reserve used in the Nordic synchronous system that aims to keep the frequency in normal frequency range between 49,9 - 50,1 Hz.

Hourly market is a reserve market operated by Fingrid. Procured volumes vary for each hour and price is the price of the most expensive procured bid.

*Procuring reserves from Russia has ended 14.5.2022

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Field Value
Unit MW
Data period 1 h
Contact person Antti Hyttinen,