Power system state - real time data

Different states of the power system - traffic lights: 1=green, 2=yellow, 3=red, 4=black, 5=blue

  • Green: Power system is in normal secure state.
  • Yellow: Power system is in endangered state. The adequacy of the electricity is endangered or the power system doesn't fulfill the security standards.
  • Red: Power system is in disturbed state. Load shedding has happened in order to keep the adequacy and security of the power system or there is a remarkable risk to a wide black out.
  • Black: An extremely serious disturbance or a wide black out in Finland.
  • Blue: The network is being restored after an extremely serious disturbance or a wide blackout.

The data is updated every 3 minutes.

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Additional Info

Field Value
Data period 3 min
Contact person Jesper Grönlund (jesper.gronlund@fingrid.fi)