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  • The buying price of production imbalance electricity

    The down-regulating price of the hour is the price of production imbalance power purchased by Fingrid from a balance responsible party. If no down-regulation has been made or if the hour has been defined as an up-regulation hour, the Elspot FIN price is used as the purchase price of production imbalance power.

  • The price of comsumption imbalance electricity

    The price of consumption imbalance power is the price for which Fingrid both purchases imbalance power from a balance responsible party and sells it to one. In the case of regulating hour, the regulation price is used. If no regulation has been made, the Elspot FIN price is used as the purchase and selling price of consumption imbalance power. Data gathering to Excel-sheet or XML format is possible in periods not longer that one year due to limitations in data transmission.

  • Imbalance power between Finland and Sweden

    The volume of power equals to the difference between measured and commercial transmission between Finland and Sweden. The tradetypes of commercial flow include day ahead, intraday and trades between Fingrid and Svenska Kraftnät during the operational hour. When the value of imbalance power volume is positive Fingrid has sold imbalance power to Sweden. When the value of imbalance power volume is negative Fingrid has bought imbalance power from Sweden.

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