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  • Transmission capacity RUS-FI

    The total commercial transmission capacity of the 400 kV transmission lines from Russia to Finland owned by Fingrid. The technical capacity on 400 kV lines from Russia to Finland is 1400 MW or 1000 MW, depending whether the NWPP power plant that is located in St. Petersburg area is connected to the Finnish or the Russian power system. Fingrid has reserved 100 MW of transmission capacity from Russia to Finland to buy reserve power. The technical maximum capacity from Finland to Russia is 350 MW, of which Fingrid has reserved 30 MW to buy reserve power.

  • Planned transmission capacity RUS-FI

    Planned transmission capacity from Russia to Finland. Transmission capacity is given hourly for every next week hour. Each week's hour is given one value. Planned weekly transmission capacity Fingrid will publish every Tuesday. Transmission capacity mean the capability of the electricity system to supply electricity to the market without compromising the system security.

  • Intraday transmission capacity RUS-FI

    The capacity given to intraday market means transfer capacity after day-ahead trade from Russia to Finland. The intraday capacity between Finland and Russia is updated once a day. The data will not be revised after hourly day-ahead trade.

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