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  • Day-ahead transmission capacity EE-FI – official

    Day-ahead transmission capacity from Estonia (EE) to Finland (FI). Transmission capacity is given hourly for every hour of the next day. Each hour is given one value. Day-ahead transmission capacity Fingrid will publish every day in the afternoon. This capacity will not changed after publication. Transmission capacity mean the capability of the electricity system to supply electricity to the market without compromising the system security.

  • Intraday transmission capacity FI-EE – real time data

    Transmission capacity to be given to intraday market FI-EE. After Elspot trades have been closed, real time intraday capacity is equivalent to the allocated intraday capacity. The real time capacity is updated after each intraday trade so that it corresponds to real time situation.

  • Intraday transmission capacity EE-FI

    Transmission capacity to be given to intraday market EE - FI

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